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The Oxy-Sure Buddy was developed in a small Idaho town in 2001. Oxy-Sure was created as a result of the Lester family's search for an answer to their mother’s frequent problems with nasal cannula dislodgment, particularly while sleeping at night. Frustrated after finding no adequate product in the healthcare, medical, or supplemental oxygen markets, the family set out to create their own solution. A few months later, the Oxy-Sure Buddy was born. Since then, the family has added several grandchildren that now help run the family company.

If you or someone you love is currently using supplemental oxygen, even if only for a few hours per day, we urge you to try the Buddy. The Buddy not only provides stability to the cannula, it is also lightweight, inexpensive, easy to use, and comfortable. And because it is so unobtrusive, there is no increase to the psychological burden of having to use supplemental oxygen. We are confident you will be amazed and pleased at the feeling of comfort and security you get when using the Buddy.

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Oxy-Sure Company, LLC
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The Buddy attaches behind the neck and works in conjunction with nearly any supplementary oxygen tubing.
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The Buddy is designed to ensure the effective delivery of oxygen by maintaining the position of the nasal cannula.
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Read the glowing words from users, doctors, and caregivers who have tried the Buddy.
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