Instructions for Use

When properly applied, the 'Buddy' has been shown to increase the effectiveness of medically prescribed oxygen therapy by stabilizing the position of the delivery device.


Step 1: With the cannula installed in its usual position, place the smooth surface of one end of the 'Buddy' against the neck of the patient just behind and below the ear.
Step 2: Loop 'Buddy' around the front of the tube and secure to Velcro™. A loop will be formed around the cannula tubing. (Don't bother adjusting the length yet.)
Step 3: Keeping the smooth side of the 'Buddy' against the neck, bring the loose end around behind the neck to just behind and below the ear.
Step 4: With the other tube on top of the 'Buddy', loop the 'Buddy' around and over the tube and secure to Velcro™. When the loop is made at this end, adjust the position until light rearward tension is applied to the cannula tubing.


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The Buddy attaches behind the neck and works in conjunction with nearly any supplementary oxygen tubing.
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The Buddy is designed to ensure the effective delivery of oxygen by maintaining the position of the nasal cannula.
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Read the glowing words from users, doctors, and caregivers who have tried the Buddy.
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