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Today, an increasing number of persons rely on the regular, continuous administration of supplemental oxygen. In every one of these cases, effective delivery depends upon the proper orientation of the nasal cannula and associated tubing. In the past, the only way to ensure this was either through continuous monitoring or uncomfortable, unsightly, and often, ineffective nasal cannula aids. Delivery dependability becomes especially important during the night when use of the oxygen delivery system goes largely unmonitored.

Oxy-Sure Buddy stabilizes the nasal cannula so involuntary movements of resting or sleeping patients are not disruptive to the delivery of oxygen. For ambulatory cannula wearers, the Buddy eliminates the hassle of a shifting cannula while engaged in everyday tasks such as shopping, cooking, household chores, etc. Not only do users benefit, but their care-givers are relieved of the anxiety and concern associated with the responsibility of ensuring their patient continues to receive the prescribed dose of sustaining oxygen.

Instructions for Use

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The Buddy attaches behind the neck and works in conjunction with nearly any supplementary oxygen tubing.
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The Buddy is designed to ensure the effective delivery of oxygen by maintaining the position of the nasal cannula.
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Read the glowing words from users, doctors, and caregivers who have tried the Buddy.
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